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Currys PC World donate items to make parents more comfortable

Currys PC World, Treliske Industrial Estate, have been working alongside Royal Cornwall Hospitals Children’s department to improve facilities for parents with poorly children. Store customers have donated money over the last few months which have enabled the store to purchase electrical and kitchen items.

Part of Tamsen Cooper’s role, Assistant Manager, is to interact and reach out to local schools to educate students on safe ways to use new technologies. This is when the thought of helping families on a larger scale came into play. Tamsen said, “Currys PC World has supported Royal Cornwall Hospital for over 10 years now but we wanted to provide something solid to improve experiences for parents and staff.

The initial question asked was, ‘How can the store support and comfort parents’ and we quickly noticed it would be the small changes that would make a massive difference. Since then, customers have been extremely generous and we have realised how passionate the Cornish public are about the hospital.” Currys PC World Staff kicked off the fundraising with a fancy dress day in store for Halloween.

“We love working with local companies and helping to support local families. Geographically we are so close to the hospital but even more so emotionally.”

Jannet Aust, Store Manager, added, “We love working with local companies and helping to support local families. Geographically we are so close to the hospital but even more so emotionally. Most of our staff and customers will have a connection to Royal Cornwall Hospitals, so it seems so appropriate for us to work alongside them. We also wanted to donate a microwave and a few other items for the staff room too. We are aware of the hard work the Doctors and Nurses do and we wanted to say thank you.”

Deborah Charles, Play Specialist, and Amy, Medical Student, accepted the donation on behalf of the Trust. Deborah said, “I would like to thank Currys PC World for wanting to support us and thank you to all their customers who have donated money. Currys have donated simple pieces of equipment that will make such a difference to a parents stay in hospital while they support their children.” Some of the items purchased with customer donations are; bedside lamps to go in the Parent accommodation, new cups, TV’s and coffee machines to name a few.

Currys are going to continue to support the children’s department at Royal Cornwall Hospital and have already been across to get more inspiration for items needed. Tamsen has also assisted the Trust in installation. If you would like to find out more why not pop in store and discuss future plans with a Currys PC World member of staff.

Added on April 12, 2017, in News - General News / RCHT Charity