Covid 19 Staff Thank You Prize – Draw Four

Draw four of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity Covid 19 Staff Thank You Prize Draw.

Another 10 lucky winners were drawn at random to receive prizes purchased from local businesses that have been supportive of our NHS teams over the past few months. We just wish we could give everyone nominated a prize!

Nominations are now open for the next draw which will take place on the 12th August

Winners and their prizes this week, drawn at random with just a few of the reasons colleagues were nominated for making a difference…

  • David Bowden- Tehidy Holidays, 3 night break up to 4 people
  • Myra Martin- Gwel an Mor, 1 night stay for 2
  • Saira Shabli – The Vic Inn – Meal for 4 delivered

“Saira has been an incredibly positive member of the AMU team. She works well with all members of the multidisciplinary team and is a great support to many people. She makes everyone smile and is always a positive influence on the ward.

Saira has worked extremely hard to make the junior doctor’s placement on AMU a positive one. She had worked tirelessly helping with rota writing and has made a robust and enjoyable induction plan for the team as they rotate through. I can’t emphasise enough how much extra work she does to make the unit work well and ensure the team are supported and happy in their work.”

  • Alyson Andrews- The Vic Inn – Meal for 4 delivered
  • Jacqui Williams- Green Bank Hotel, Bottomless Brunch for 2

“During the initial outbreak many patients with head and neck had their treatment stopped or suspended as the risk of catching covid was significant. During this time Jacqui spent hours talking to worried and anxious patients about their diagnosis, support and treatment plans. Offering them an essential ear when fear was their greatest concern. Jacqui’s role has always been essential in supporting patients on their difficult journey but never more so than during covid 19. I’m very proud and thankful to her.”

  • Lynda Kellett– Gwel an Mor Leisure Pass for 2
  • Rebecca Hosking- Camel Creek – Family Day Pass

“Becky has worked tirelessly to manage her own team which were redeployed to multiple locations, as well as providing support to other teams that were themselves redeployed. She has continued to be positive, open, honest and always happy to help, as well as acting as an advocate for our patients and providing the highest quality care. She is an inspiring team leader who always puts her team first.”

  • Daniel Shields– Seasalt £20 voucher
  • Nazeda Antomevic – Charlotte’s Tea House £10 Voucher
  • Karen Needham– Charlotte’s Tea House £10 Voucher
Added on 30 July 2020, in Charity - Where Your Money Goes

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