12 Days of Christmas

As the Christmas decorations return to the loft and the stockings are once again packed safely away, teams from across Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust are preparing to receive one last festive present as part of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity 12 Days of Christmas Campaign.
Staff from all three hospitals within the Trust – Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro, St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle and West Cornwall in Penzance were invited to bid for awards ranging from £1k to £3k, funded from the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity ‘General Fund’ from which donations are used to benefit all areas. Bids were particularly invited for items with real connection to the Trust priorities – Safety Culture, Strong Governance and Tackling Patient Delay.

Over 70 bids were received and after selection by a panel, the lucky winners were announced in the lead up to Christmas with the first on Friday 14th December.

“At Christmas time, everyone’s focus turns to giving gifts so it is just great that our charity has been able to do the same and spread a little festive spirit! The greatest joy of our gifts through The 12 Days of Christmas is that once the items are purchased they are appreciated by so many of our patients and their families throughout the year,” explained Karen Murrish, Fundraising Manager for Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity.

In the lead up to the big day, teams found out if they have made it onto Santa’s coveted ‘Nice List’ as the Charity ‘elves’ paid visits to deliver the good news of charitable funds awards to purchase items they would love to have – adding the extras to enhance patient care and experience.

“Staff from the 13 winning teams were thrilled to hear that they are being given an award. The additional funding allows them to purchase those items that allow them to provide care that goes above and beyond and through donations to our General Fund throughout the year we are able to support them in this way,” Karen added.

In the campaign there are 10 awards of £1000, one of £2000 given on Christmas Eve and £3000 on Christmas Day. This year there was an additional Boxing Day Bonus award of £3000 through support from Mitie, provider of onsite services.

The Respiratory Team were winners of £1000 to buy a second mouth pressure meter which will insure that ‘treatment can be taken to the patient’ rather than the patient having to travel to hospital on certain occasions.

Julie Jephson, Respiratory Nurse Specialist was responsible for the application and was delighted to receive the news that she will be able to provide this additional care within the community.

The Emergency Department at Royal Cornwall Hospital were recipients of the Boxing Day Bonus award of £3000 supported by onsite contractors Mitie. They will purchase an Accuvein Vein Viewing System.

This piece of equipment reduces the time it takes to identify particularly hard to find veins, especially in children and the elderly. This increases the patient’s chances of being treated quicker and promotes a less stressful environment in an otherwise traumatic situation.

Consultant Anaesthetists, Dr Lewis Connolly and Dr Lucy French, are new to the Trust and bid for funding to purchase a two HELP pillows for the theatres,

“The HELP pillow is a simple device which enables fast and appropriate positioning of patients for general anaesthesia, especially those who are pregnant or with a high BMI. The pillow is a washable, latex-free firm wedge which is positioned under the patient’s chest and head on the operating table.”

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Accuvein AV400 Vein Viewing system – The AccuVein AV400 is intended to help find superficial veins for venepuncture and cannulation where venous access is difficult. Superficial veins are detected using an infrared laser light emitted by the device, and an image of the veins in real time is projected back onto the skin surface.
Physiotherapy A Nippy Clearway device for the Critical Care Unit and to support respiratory patients on all the wards. The Nippy Clearway is a mechanical Insufflation:Exsufflation which supports and enhances the ability of weakened respiratory muscles in order to improve a person’s cough and aid secretion clearance
CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY Creating a ‘Stress Relief Room’ to allow staff to take a few minutes each day to calm down if things get on top of them during work. I am bidding for items to both furnish and kit out this room. I would like three comfortable chairs/beanbags, several puzzles, a set of headphones, a dimmable lamp, a selection of stress/fidget toys, a yoga mat, an aromatherapy diffuser, a few books on meditation and mindfulness techniques, and a concertina panel display board room divider.
DERMATOLOGY 4 x Psoracombs
The equipment we require would allow us to treat psoriasis of the scalp, underarms, nails and certain skin folds that our usual UVB lights can’t penetrate or reach.
OUTPATIENT PHYSIOTHERAPIST, WCH To make our waiting area more child-friendly.
We run Children’s clinics and our patients often bring their little ones to appointments and so we would like to use the money to purchase:
a play kitchen,
some foam flooring,
2 children’s chairs and
Vinyl (removable) wall stickers..
Renal Unit RCHT Our patients spend hours sitting having dialysis treatment often in stressful surroundings, the insertion of the dialysis needles can be painful and cause anxiety. Bidding for the sum of £1,000 to be able to ask a reputable therapist to provide hand massages for patients whilst on dialysis following an assessment.
ANAESTHETICS We are bidding to acquire the Oxford HELP pillow for theatres and the obstetric unit.

The HELP pillow is a simple device which enables fast and appropriate positioning of patients for general anaesthesia, especially those who are pregnant or with a high BMI. The pillow is a washable, latex-free firm wedge which is positioned under the patient’s chest and head on the operating table.

West Cornwall Occupational Therapy Kitchen equipment and furniture for the assessment of patients returning home from hospital. The current equipment is dated or not functioning correctly.
Multi-Disciplinary Diabetic Foot Clinic We are bidding for £1400 to buy a Huntleigh Medical Handheld Digital Doppler Device
Wheal Fortune, PAW maternity wing, RCHT 2 twin cots
Anaesthesia To purchase a freezer to be kept in recovery and purchase a supply of frozen ice lollies
We plan to run a service improvement project to evaluate if the simple intervention of giving children an ice lolly on waking in recovery will lead to them having lower nausea/vomiting and pain scores and therefore, importantly, reducing the requirement for them to receive antiemetic medication and opiates post operatively.
Outpatients Department St Michael’s Hospital Outpatients Department St Michael’s Hospital Safe, dedicated interactive children’s area.
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