Accelerated training programme supports development of endoscopy service

Louise Moffitt and Luke Chapman are leading the way at RCHT as the first nurses to undergo a new accelerated, seven month training programme. Once qualified, they will be Clinical Endoscopists, running their own Endoscopy lists.

Louise has worked in Endoscopy for five years and Luke for ten years. This programme is driving a vision to have a collection of expert nurses within the Endoscopy Unit at RCHT who will have a dual role as Endoscopy Nurses and Clinical Nurse Endoscopists.

During Louise and Luke’s training they will continue in their current roles, being released for 15-20 hours a week to complete training. Louise is training in flexible sigmoidoscopies and Luke is training in gastroscopies. As part of their training, Louise and Luke have to complete 200 procedures by August 2018, along with attending training sessions once a month in London; completing course work, a portfolio and a sizeable case study!

There is a national shortage of endoscopists. In 2016, Health Education England set a national target to train 200 Clinical Endoscopists by the end of 2018. This accelerated programme has worked very successfully in the past 2 years elsewhere in the country.

As qualified endoscopists, Louise and Luke will be able to diagnose, recognise diseases and abnormalities; take biopsies and perform procedures such as removing small polyps.

Louise and Luke will bring extra capacity to the endoscopy service which will ultimately help in tackling delays and reducing waiting times for patients in a specialty that is seeing increasing demand as well as the knock on effect of the expansion of the bowel cancer screening programme.

Louise said,

“As Luke and I embark on the Accelerated Clinical Endoscopist training we’d like to thank everyone who’s given us their support and encouragement to go forward and take on this new and exciting challenge, helping us to play our part in developing endoscopy services and improving care for patients.”

Added on January 19, 2018, in News - Surgical Services / Trust Improvement