Addaction HOT Team has arrived

RCHT now has Addaction outreach workers within its safeguarding team whose role will be to support patients with alcohol or drug addiction. The Addaction Hospital Outreach Team (HOT) consists of two workers: Joanne Sutcliffe and Lee Derrick.

The Addaction HOT team is working in partnership with the RCHT Alcohol Liaison Team, the Psychiatric Liaison Team, Adult Safeguarding and Shelter to focus on individuals who are regularly presenting at the Royal Cornwall Hospital’s emergency department, in an attempt to identify and address the reasons behind their serial attendances or admissions.

Amongst those individuals with multiple presentations is a cohort of people with severe and enduring alcohol and drug problems. The HOT Team aims to identify, with the help of Alcohol Liaison and Safeguarding teams within the hospital, those individuals and to provide intensive multi-agency care packages to prevent further harm to the individual and minimise, where possible, attendance at the hospital.

The HOT Team also works to bridge the gap between home, community and the hospital to ensure individuals with complex needs are adequately supported. The team’s work has included working with the Palliative Care Service, liaison with Safeguarding and Mental Health Service, the Specialist Midwifery Team and the Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy service.

Added on October 26, 2017, in News - General News / Patient Experience