An education in first-class patient care: Trauma Unit at the RCHT receives CLiPP Champion Award for mentoring programme

The Trauma Unit at Royal Cornwall Hospitals has been awarded the Health Education England CLiPP Champion Award for the whole of the South West. CLiPP, which stands for Collaborative Learning in Placement Practice, works by allocating mentors to students for assessments so that they’re able to learn through experience. We spoke to Ward Sisters Kathy Smith and Kirsty Medlock about the benefits CliPP has brought to their department.

“With CLiPP students are allocated mentors for assessment”, explains Kirsty. “The mentors are responsible for setting the initial learning plan and providing formative and summative assessments. Around four to six students are allocated to a team on any particular shift and the students take responsibility for all care delivery for their designated patients.”

For Kathy and Kirsty, CLiPP was a way of managing recourses so that both students and staff felt supported.

“We began implementing CLiPP last September and since then we’ve had amazing feedback from our student nurses”, Kirsty continues. “Many of our current first years have talked about how fearful they were at the beginning of their placement compared to how ready they felt for nursing by the end. We’ve also had a lot of positive feedback from other members of staff who can see how much our experience with CLiPP has benefited the entire department.”

Kathy agrees. “The students had a brilliant experience. With so many of them deciding to return following their placement it means that the staffing levels are in much better place now than they were eighteen months ago.” “What’s great about CLiPP” suggests Kirsty “is that students are able to learn from each other. They have support from a Registered Nurse while looking after their patients and because of this they feel more confident. The students are able to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team being treated as equals. In a sense, they’re being given ownership over their own patient care.”

The Trauma Unit was put forward for the award by Learning and Development. As part of this, they also received two further awards for mentors Georgia Geddes and Helen Lewis. For Kathy and Kirsty, the success of CLiPP is down to staff engagement. “People wanted it to work”, explains Kathy. “The doctors, the OTs, the physios, the HCAs; everyone has been hugely supportive and the success has been a great encouragement.”

“We’re really proud of our unit”, concludes Kirsty. “It’s such a great place to work and such a really valuable place to gain experience in so many different areas. We wanted to continue to be able to support students that came into the department to learn and to be able to support our patients while the training took place. CLiPP was the best possible way for us to do this.”

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