BJN Award glory for RCHT Urology Nurse

Urology Nurse Debbie Victor celebrated International Woman’s Day in the most memorable way, when she was awarded Urology Nurse of the Year at the recent BJN (British Journal of Nursing) Awards in London.

Debbie, who started as a Staff Nurse on the Urology department in 1991, was thrilled when she found out that she had been nominated by her colleague, Consultant Clinical Oncologist John McGrane but even more stunned to find out she had been shortlisted for this BJN award.

“I had no idea until I received an email stating that I had been shortlisted for the award, that I had been nominated” said Debbie. “To be honest, I didn’t think I stood a chance of winning, just to be nominated and even shortlisted was a reward in itself.”

“I was really shocked when they announced I had won the Urology Nurse of the Year category! In my head, I don’t do anything different to any other nurse, I treat patients with the care and compassion that I would like to see a member of my family being treated with.”

Debbie’s career has flourished during her time at RCHT, from joining the Urology Ward when it opened in 1991 to becoming Uro-Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist in 2004. “The team I work with play a massive part in my enjoyment of my role and the patients really do make my job so rewarding,” said Debbie. “If I can make someone’s experience of an investigation or treatment, or receiving news good or bad, that bit more bearable, I consider I’ve done a good job.”

The BJN Awards are a chance to celebrate and reward excellence in clinical nursing, recognising the immense talent, professionalism and innovation among the nursing work force. This year’s awards were held in the Shakespeare’s Under Globe in London and Debbie took her colleague John as her guest.

“I wouldn’t have won this award without the team around me and I am so pleased to have been given the opportunity to become the nurse specialist I am, through RCHT investing in me and my development.”

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