Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week 2020

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2020, the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Cornwall Council and Corserv each joined forces to organise a range of activities showcasing available apprenticeship opportunities and further promoting the work of the amazing apprentices we currently have with us.

Nikki Pryke, Apprenticeship Lead for the RCHT, explains:

“National Apprenticeship Week 2020 highlights a collaborative approach in promoting the value of apprenticeships. It’s a reminder to look beyond the myths and stereotypes of apprenticeships and to recognise that they can provide a valid pathway in starting an exciting career without the burden of expensive university fees. It’s really important to remind people that apprenticeships can benefit anyone of any age or background that is looking to earn while they learn.”

Activities for National Apprenticeship Week 2020 included the Apprenticeship Games, which was held at Cornwall College. Teams, including a group from the RCHT, were given the opportunity to showcase their leadership, teamwork and communication skills, as well as meeting and engaging with other young people and businesses.

There was also a Volunteering Day in collaboration with Volunteer Cornwall, where apprentices were not only given the opportunity to help out within the wider community, but by doing so were able to actively raise the profile of apprenticeships across the region.

Talking about their experiences, both as an apprentice and in terms of the week itself, RCHT Apprentice Cath Devereux-Childs explains: “I wanted to get involved with National Apprenticeship Week because I wanted to broaden my skills set and have an opportunity to see other parts of our community. I also wanted to represent RCHT and promote the apprenticeship programmes that are currently offered here, as they’ve provided me with such an amazing opportunity.”

“On Tuesday we premiered our official #NAW2020 video at Team Talk”, Nikki continues. “The week really gave us a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the work of some of the amazing apprentices we currently have working with us, while also promoting the year’s #LookBeyond theme to call on parents, teachers and employers to look beyond the old preconceptions around apprenticeships.”

To watch the RCHT’s #NAW2020 video produced for Team Talk click here: https://youtu.be/pKQF8RNj6sw

To watch a short video highlighting the different activities over the course of the week click here: https://youtu.be/T8SAWMstzmY

To learn more about apprenticeships at the RCHT contact: Tel: 01872 255149 or 256489 / Mobile: 07780554212 / E-mail: rcht-apprenticeships@nhs.net / Twitter: @RCHTApprentice1

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