Your routine appointment or operation

We are working really hard to get our routine inpatient and outpatient care services back up and running to as near normal as we can. You will, of course, understand that we have to manage our services whilst COVID-19 is still ongoing.
For the safety of patients and staff, we have introduced strict social distancing measures in our hospitals and clinics meaning we have had to remove some beds from bays to create more distance between patients. We have more rigorous cleaning and infection control measures between patients meaning we can offer fewer appointments or treatments in a day, as rooms have to be cleaned between patients and staff have to put on and remove PPE.

This all takes longer than before and reduces the amount of patients we can see and treat in a day or week. We would ask you please to be patient with our staff and reassure you that those patients with greatest clinical need will be prioritised.

We are continuing to use alternatives to face-to-face appointments wherever possible and you may be invited to a telephone or video consultation, where it is appropriate and safe to do this.
If you are concerned that your condition or symptoms are worsening, you can contact our Patient Hotline by phoning 0800 035 7777 or by email:

For advice on Coronavirus:

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