Charity funds Doppler Device to aid research

The Cornwall Medical Research Fund, part of Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity has funded equipment to aid research into Severe Limb Ischaemia, a serious condition in which there is inadequate blood flow and oxygen to the lower limbs.

The Handheld Digital Doppler Device, purchased through charitable funds, is used to assess the level of circulation in the affected limbs as part of two current randomised studies. Previous to the purchase of the additional equipment the research team were reliant on loaning a Doppler from other departments. With the device at hand the team are able to carry out more assessments and it speeds up the preparation time for clinics.

Research Sister, Fiona Hammonds, explains the difference that support from charitable funds means to their work,

“It is truly invaluable to have the means of asking for additional equipment through the charity. Additional pieces of equipment such as the Doppler Device make our jobs that little bit easier but ultimately benefit the patients as we are able to offer more thorough investigations and a more efficient service, that is what really matters.”

Led by Consultant Vascular Surgeon Mr Harvey Chant, the first study, Basil 2 is comparing bypass surgery; this involves an operation to bypass the blocked or narrowed arteries versus angioplasty stenting as a means of treatment. The second study, Basil 3, is assessing the effectiveness of three different angioplasty/stenting procedures where the patient has a narrowing or severe occlusion in lower limbs.

Patients are invited to take part in research studies such as these when they have been identified as appropriate by their treating clinician or team. The research team then approach the patient to discuss the research project and how they might participate.

‘Our dedicated staff are delivering research across many specialties to patients and the public in Cornwall, having equipment such as this will enable us to be able to offer even more research opportunities in the future. Thank you to all of our charity fund supporters for making these purchases possible‘,

added Research Project Manager Amanda Datson.

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