Chrissie’s Sunshine Appeal Takes a New Route!

Chrissie Jackson had raced just last year from Australia to China in the fifth leg of the Clipper Round the World Race and was about to embark on the China to Seattle stage when she became unwell with a DVT and needed urgent medical attention.
Chrissie was then given the devastating news in January of this year that she had Stage 4 cancer. During this horrendous and shocking time she decided to try and seek only the good in life.

“I have received ‘incredible’ support from my family, friends, community and the medical team at RCH and vowed to myself that I would turn negatives into positives,” said Chrissie.

Chrissie, from Newquay, credits the team at The Cove for their amazing help, particularly during her initial diagnosis which she describes as being ‘just knocked sideways; a tumble drier of emotion, a physical rollercoaster, I felt as if they were talking about someone else’.

As part of her positive approach to her illness, Chrissie has chosen to fundraise for nine different charities under the name of Chrissie’s Sunshine Appeal, including The Cove Amenity Fund, part of Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity. So far total funds raised have reached an incredible £21,000!

Chrissie also embarked on a campaign ‘Chemo in Cool Places’ which saw Chrissie taking her chemotherapy in jaw dropping places such as on a zip wire, at Wimbledon, in jail and on London Tower Bridge!

The latest chapter in Chrissie’s journey has just begun as she recently received the news that she had been selected for the first and only trial for her type of cancer. Clinical Oncologist, Mr Richard Ellis, explained further

“This trial will allow UK patients the chance to access an immunotherapy drug that is very similar to the drugs which have already revolutionised the treatment of melanoma and some types of lung cancer. This is a worldwide Phase 2 trial of a new immunotherapy drug to treat patients whose cancer has progressed after chemotherapy.Only 81 patients will be recruited worldwide and Chrissie is one of the first 10. The closest other UK centres are in London (Royal Marsden) In light of this I have taken referrals from Bristol for this study.”

Chrissie is having this potentially revolutionary treatment here at RCH and is feeling positive and excited about it, which has led to the birth of her next campaign to do ‘Trials in Style’ and ‘Arrive in Style for her Trial.’

Lynne Lees, Community Fundraiser for Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity explains how they are getting on board,

“We want to help Chrissie to ‘Arrive in Style’ and so are putting the word out to anyone that can offer an unusual or exciting way to transport her from Newquay to Royal Cornwall Hospital. We know that there will be people out there that can help us! Maybe it’s a tractor, horse and carriage or even perhaps a helicopter! Please get in touch and help create wonderful experiences for Chrissie as she’s such an inspirational person,”

“Many people in the community are unaware of the great range of research that is taking place right here in the county and we want to help shout about it and raise awareness with the help of Chrissie and her incredible passion and positivity” added Lynne.

Anyone that would like to offer their support with a unique form of transport is asked to contact and donations to Chrissie’s Sunshine Appeal can be made via her website through Newquay Town Bylstra Lions Club.

Added on September 25, 2019, in Charity - Fundraising