CITS Cycle For Children

A Team of 8 from Cornwall IT Services (CITS) will be cycling from London to Paris September 2020 to fund raise for paediatric services at RCH.

Currently the children’s units at our hospital are very stark, uninviting and intimidating for young children with serious illnesses, offering little comfort or distraction. We would like to enhance this space for sick children and make the clinical areas more inviting, comfortable and comforting.The several different paediatric units have told us that they’re in desperate need of decorations such as wall murals, displays, wall mounted toys and specialised equipment such as portable fibre optic lights for children with additional needs.They also want to explore the option of using VR headsets to help sick children by letting them ‘see’ the Theatre pre-operatively to help dispel some of the fears that procedures and operations can bring.Debbie Childs, Senior Play Therapist also expanded on a wonderful plan to have a model car so that sick children can ‘drive’ themselves from their ward to Theatre for surgery complete with a parking bay and tickets!

They need other distraction items such as toys, books and games consoles for children during procedures where it is vital that they remain still. For a child in traction or receiving chemotherapy this can be a protracted period of time.

These things are just our beginning, the tip of the iceberg. We would like to make the ordinary, extraordinary.


“Our current goal is to raise £10,500 but we would like to smash this target .

We are planning a wide variety of exciting fund raising events over the next year, whilst still training for the 237 mile cycle, with the one focus of raising a substantial amount of money to benefit vulnerable and sick children of Cornwall.

Some of the money we raise will pay for the cost of our challenge. As a Team we want to raise as much as we can for our chosen fund and taking part in this cycle is a true challenge for us! We know that the funds we are able to donate will benefit so many of the children that come to our hospital and their families.

For the next year we are going to be grafting hard, dedicated to raising as much money as possible. With your help we know we can make a real difference.

There will definitely be sweat, possibly even some tears (but we hope no blood!) as we eagerly fundraise and train hard to ensure we make it to Paris and leave a lasting impact on patient care at RCHT.




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