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ColLAborative working – 48-hour Twitter takeover showcases good practice at the RCHT

The British Association of Cytopathology (BAC) has invited the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust to showcase good practice using the association’s Twitter account.
The Twitter “takeover”, which will be held on the 1st and 2nd of September, offers 48 hours for colleagues at the RCHT to showcase the kind of effective collaborative working that has delivered consistently high-quality patient care in cancer pathways. As part of this, the BAC will be releasing “tweets” on their own social media platform, as well as via the RCHT Twitter page.

Leonie Glinski, Senior Biomedical Scientist for the RCHT, says: “This is a great opportunity to demonstrate how effective laboratory services can be at delivering high quality patient care in cancer pathways. The highly skilled and experienced multi-disciplinary teams at the RCHT work extremely hard to ensure that all patient samples obtained from minimally invasive, low risk procedures, are treated with the upmost care to ensure the best diagnostic and treatment options are made available to patients in a matter of days.”

Cytopathology (Cytology) is the study of diseases on a cellular level. Patient samples are processed in the laboratory, allowing cell changes to be assessed microscopically. Cytology plays vital roles in cancer diagnosis, prognosis and treatment options for patients.

The Royal Cornwall Hospitals Cytology department has been formally recognised as a centre that delivers effective care to patients with a range of cancers, including lung, head and neck and pancreatic cancers. The department works closely with clinical colleagues across multiple disciplines; radiologists, pathologists, respiratory consultants, sonographers, laboratory and clinical imaging assistants, procurement and finance teams, cancer care nurses, biomedical scientists, oncologists and surgeons.

The team delivered services throughout the pandemic and continue to grow and develop highly specialised techniques to impact positively on the care of more patients.

Dr Tony Maddox, Chair of the BAC, says: “The British Association for Cytopathology is delighted that the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has taken this opportunity to showcase the very real benefits of this diagnostic discipline, and to show the close integration with other specialties and the resulting improvements to the patient’s journey.”

The posts can be seen on the British Association for Cytopathology Twitter page, here:

Added on 27 August 2021, in News - Patient Care

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