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This page was last updated: September 3rd, 2021

Planned Downtime

The IT Service will give users five working days’ notice of any planned downtime for maintenance or upgrading, where possible.

All Trusts will notify CITS of systems critical to their operation and dates when downtime would cause major disruption to their business, to enable CITS to plan around these dates.

CITS are not contracted for planned out of hours work, however customers may request for disruptive work to be performed out of office hours at an agreed cost.

Unplanned Downtime

Occasionally, equipment affecting many users will fail during working hours and emergency work will need to be carried out to resolve the fault. This will normally be carried out as soon as possible and may involve further downtime for groups of users or whole systems.

In these cases, notice of further downtime will be given where possible, but is not guaranteed. The nature of the emergency may also mean that the usual methods of notifying downtime will not be available, therefore a site contact will be identified for manual dissemination of updates.

Our Service Level Agreement

Support Incidents Priority 1 – Critical Priority 2 – High Priority 3 – Medium Priority 4 – Low
Availability 24/7 Core Hours Core Hours Core Hours
Acknowledgement Time
1 Hour 2 Core Hours 8 Core Hours 2 Core Days
Completion Time
8 Hours 1 Core Day 3 Core Days 10 Core Days
Communication Method 01209 881717 (On Call available via this number out of hours) Self Service Portal (phone recommended for high priority) 01209 881717
Self Service Portal
01209 881717
Self Service Portal
Example Request/Issue Critical clinical system outage.
Underpinning infrastructure outage.
Clinical or business system outage.
Major performance issue.
Infrastructure outage.
System functionality issues.
Urgent support query.
Access requests.
Single user issues.
Non service affecting.

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