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RCHT LAN & WiFi Refresh Project

This page was last updated: September 3rd, 2021

Information on the upgrade of RCHT’s Local Area Network and WiFi.

About the upgrade

The core of the current Local Area Network (LAN) at RCH has been in place since 2003, with the WLAN (wireless) network implemented in 2004, which was a very early wireless deployment. Both technologies are now obsolete in terms of support and are unable to be expanded further. Since that time both of the networks have supported an increasing workload with many more applications being used and a significant increase in device numbers.

The use of the Wireless Network has increased exponentially in the past 2 years to include staff and guest access, meal ordering and porter tracking and there are now around 2400 clients associated with the wireless network at any one time.

The networks have reached a point where they are struggling to support mobile applications such as e-Prescribing and the capacity does not exist to fully meet the additional requirements of projects such as e-Observations, RFID and eNotes.

Benefits of this upgrade

  • The upgrade will greatly enhance connectivity for mobile devices.
  • Improve access to Patient information at point of care.
  • Provide a more comprehensive network coverage.
  • Business continuity provision for wards in event of power failures.

This project will implement a refresh to our LAN and will upgrade the Wireless network across the RCHT site providing a network platform that will meet current requirements and support the move to full digital care records over the next five years.

This upgrade requires the installation of cabling and associated infrastructure in every corridor, ward, bed bay and department across the Treliske site. The whole process is expected to take at least six months to cover all areas.

The aim of this project is to meet the following objectives:

  • Provide greater resilience and reliability in the network
  • Ensure the Trust has a high speed, high capacity, high availability LAN and WIFI which provides a significant increase in speed and capacity to meet the current and future needs
  • Implement a unified wired/wireless access infrastructure which is capable of providing greater access and reliability for mobile connectivity in acute clinical environments
  • Enable efficiencies by providing more flexible and reliable connectivity for mobile, voice, data, imaging and point of care diagnostics as required in a modern acute hospital

Outline schedule of works:

  1. Initial visits for cabling and enabling works to various areas of RCHT
  2. Business continuity enablement works where applicable, predominantly in clinical areas
  3. Additional cabling works and installation of WIFI access points
  4. Completion of works site wide, migration of data and commissioning work

Access to all areas will be agreed in advance of works being carried out and all works in clinical areas will adhere to infection control measures as required.

Throughout the project there will be an emphasis on Business as Usual (BAU) working methods in order to restrict downtime. Out of hours (OOH) working may be required at times.

If you have any queries, please contact the CITS Project Team 01726 627900 or email

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