UNIT4 Business World

UNIT4 Business World is the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust Finance & Procurement system.

Access to UNIT4 and Trust Scheme of Delegation

Access to UNIT4 and amendments to the Trust Scheme of Delegation (Approvers) are covered by this form. There are two types of user defined in UNIT4:

  • Requisitioners (Ordering)
  • Approvers (Orders and Invoices)

Please ensure the form is completed correctly to reflect the:

  • type of user
  • for APPROVERS the level of approver AUTHORITY

Being an APPROVER on UNIT4 means that the individual has Financial Responsibility up to the authority level requested. Therefore the person will be added to the Scheme Of Delegation for the area(s) they have responsibility for.

More information on the Trust Scheme of Delegation and the associated policies can be found on our Financial Services intranet page (Internal only).

Download UNIT4 Access Request Forms

Download and complete the appropriate form for access to UNIT4. Please send completed forms via email to rcht.u4bw@nhs.net or to:

  • Finance System Admin
  • Finance Department
  • Carlyon House
  • Royal Cornwall Hospital

Please ensure that the form is authorised by the appropriate Authorising Officer.


Details on how to book onto Requisitioning Officer training are distributed after the Finance System Admin Team have processed the appropriately completed ‘Scheme of Delegation – Access to Unit4’ form (Internal only).

Online approver training video can be accessed here:

  • Unit4 Approver Online Training – Accessed via CITS Training Portal
  • Select T-Z on the left of the page and choose Unit 4 – Approver. Then click Continue to learning…

UNIT4 Frequently Asked Questions

Download UNIT4 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Downloadable Guide


The requisitioners by budget code spreadsheet lists all requisitioners and their associated departmental budget codes.

Info: This file is only available when your workstation is connected to the trust’s network.

Download Spreadsheets

'How to' Guides

Click to download any of our Unit4 guides below:

Unit4 Support

Requisitioning Queries

Type of Query

  • Raising a requisition
  • Urgent requisitions
  • Receipting a requisition
  • Searching for products
  • Authorising Officers

Procurement and Supplies (01872 25****)

Sharon Smith – 5737
Hunt Group – 5733/35/30

Email/Website address

How to Guides:
http://intranet-rcht.cornwall.nhs.uk/services/cornwall-it-services-cits/apps-devices/unit4-business-world/ (Internal only)

General/Access Queries

Type of Query Contact Group Contact Number Email/Website address
  • Access to System
  • Problems logging-on
System Analysis 01872 258020 Robert.harris16@nhs.net

Training Queries

Type of Query Contact Group Contact Number Email/Website address
  • Training Guides
  • Training Courses
CITS Training 01872 254628 http://elearning.cornwall.nhs.uk/

Cost Centre / Budget Code / Project Code Queries

Type of Query Care Group Management Accounts Team: Contact Number (01872 25****) Email/Website address
  • I have moved department
  • I have moved department
  • I need access to an additional cost centre
  • Budget Checking
  • Who can authorise my requisition?
General Surgery & Cancer Care Group 8044 Caroline.naylor2@nhs.net
Clinical Support Care Group 8044 Caroline.naylor2@nhs.net
Specialist Surgery Care Group 8052 ann-marie.wright@nhs.net
Anaesthetics. Critical Care & Theatres Care Group 8052 ann-marie.wright@nhs.net
Women, Children & Sexual Health Care Group 8025 Gemma.Mcintyre1@nhs.net
Specialist Medicine Care Group 8047 andrew.coot@nhs.net
Urgent, Emergency & Trauma Care Group 8047 andrew.coot@nhs.net
Income 8003 Michelle.kellow@nhs.net
St. Michaels Hospital Care Group 8025 Gemma.Mcintyre1@nhs.net
West Cornwall Hospital Care Group 8047 andrew.coot@nhs.net
Charitable Funds 8015 Stephen.hocking@nhs.net
Research and Development 6436 Libby.gill@nhs.net
Capital 8013 Sharon.phyall@nhs.net

Accounts Payable (Purchase Ledger)

Type of Query Contact Group Contact Number Email/Website address
  • Supplier Invoices
  • Supplier Queries
Accounts Payable 01872 258040 Rch-tr.AccountsPayable@nhs.net

Accounts Receivable (Sales Ledger)

Type of Query Contact Group Contact Number Email/Website address
  • Customer Invoices
  • Customer Queries
Accounts Receivable 01872 258035 Rch-tr.AccountsReceivable@nhs.net

Download a Printer Friendly Contact List

  • Unit4 Contact List – Printable List

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