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Windows 10

This page was last updated: September 3rd, 2021

How to Install an Application Using Application Catalog

  1. On your desktop, double click the “Application Catalog” shortcut.
  2. To find an application you can:
    Select it from the “All” applications list,
    Choose an application category and then select the required application.
    Or type the name of the application into the search field, press return on your keyboard then select the application you wish to install.
  3. Once you have selected an application click “Install”.
  4. Click “Yes” to confirm you wish to install the selected software.
  5. A message will appear on screen advising that the installation is complete.
  6. Click “OK”.
  7. Once the application has been installed it will be ready to use. If your computer needs to be restarted to complete the installation you will receive a prompt on screen.

How to Add a Favourite to Internet Explorer 11

  1. When you’re in Internet Explorer, your favourites can be accessed by clicking on the star icon in the top right of the screen.
  2. You should note that favourites do not automatically transfer from one PC to another.
    To add a new favourite browse to the webpage you want to save, click on the star icon then click the ‘Add to Favourites’ button.
  3. Enter a name for the new favourite and then click Add.
  4. You also have the option to add a favourite to the favourites bar which runs just below the address bar.

    With the webpage you wish to add to the favourites bar open, click on the dropdown arrow next to the ‘Add to Favourites’ button then click ‘Add to Favourites’ bar.

  5. A link to the webpage will now appear at the top of the browser.

How to Install a Networked Printer

  1. Open Internet Explorer and from the “Favourites” bar or Favourites list select “Printers”.
  2. If you are using a desktop computer you should see a list of nearby printers – just select the printer you wish to install.
  3. On a laptop connected to the wireless network you won’t have the list of nearby printers, instead you’ll need to search for a printer using its CITSPR or CITSMD name.
    If you already know the name of a printer enter its name into the search box and press return on your keyboard.
    You can also search for a printer via the “Area” and “Site” dropdown lists.
  4. Click on the Area dropdown list to select an area and then click on the Site dropdown list to select a site within that area.
  5. A list of available printers will appear. Click on the printer name to begin installing the printer.
  6. When you’re asked if you want to add a printer connection click “Yes”.
  7. You may then be asked if you trust the printer. This prompt is to prevent you from accidently installing something other than a printer that could harm your computer. If the details match the printer you’re trying to install click “Install driver”. If they don’t match please contact IT for further advice.
  8. Once complete you will be given the option to view installed printers. Click on the link “Click here to open the printers folder on your machine”.
  9. It may take a few moments to load but your installed printers will appear in this window.
  10. You will now be able to print to the newly installed printer from within your applications.

How to Pin Applications to the Start Menu

  1. Open the start menu and scroll through the list of applications to find those you’d like to pin.
  2. Right click on an application and select “Pin to Start”. You’ll see the application icon appear on the right side of the start menu.
  3. You can change the size of your start menu to create more space by dragging the edges of the menu.
  4. You also have the option to name a group of applications you’ve pinned to the start menu. Hover your mouse just above the group of applications and click on “Name group”.
  5. Enter a name for the group and press enter on the keyboard to save it.

How to Pin Applications to the Taskbar

There are a couple of ways you can pin an application to the taskbar:

  1. Firstly, you can right click on an application in the start menu, go to “More” and select “Pin to taskbar”.
  2. Alternatively, when you have the application you want to pin open, you can right click on its icon in the taskbar and select “Pin to taskbar”.
  3. You’ll see that when you close the application, the icon remains on the taskbar.

How to Pin Folders to the Quick Access List

  1. Open “File Explorer” and browse to the folder you’d like to pin.
  2. Select the folder, click the “Home” tab at the top of the window and then click “Pin to Quick access”.
  3. You’ll see the folder appear in the “Quick access” list.
  4. Pinned folders can also be accessed by right clicking on the File Explorer icon in the taskbar and selecting the folder from the Pinned list.

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