eHealth Handover championing safer care

Last week saw the introduction of Nervecentre’s Handover module on our surgical admissions areas (St Mawes, Pendennis and Theatre Direct)

Nervecentre’s Handover module is used in many hospital Trusts across the country, delivering an integrated handover system, aiding patient safety between referrals to different clinicians, as well as shift and staffing changes. It offers real-time updates by different members of the Multidisciplinary Team caring for patients, using either desktop or mobile devices.

The rollout is being assisted by a team of Clinical Champions, Consultant Paul Lidder, Lead Colorectal CNS Karen Cock and GI Nurse Specialist Rod Trickett.

In preparation for the introduction, a range of clinical staff have come forward to support the project, undertaking superuser training and becoming eHealth champions. Each receiving an eHealth Champion badge, highlighting them to other staff, showing them as a point of contact.

Our eHealth champions are staff who see the potential that electronic systems and technology offer for healthcare; support the implementation and growth of these systems and act as an advocate for their use.

A Big Thank you to all those who have volunteered to be eHealth Champions!

Added on May 22, 2018, in News - Surgical Services / Trust Improvement