Electronic sepsis screening to support safer care

RCHT’s lead nurse for sepsis, Helen Winn, has been busy in the run up to today’s World Sepsis Day, introducing colleagues to the up and coming new electronic screening software which will help clinicians to spot the signs of Sepsis.

The screening tool is an addition to the Nervecentre software installed on hand-held devices used by nurses, doctors and therapists, to electronically record patients’ vital observations, such as heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. The information is immediately available to the clinicians involved in each patient’s care and the software sends alerts when a person’s condition is deteriorating, prompting the need for urgent intervention or referral to a more senior clinician.

Helen said,

“The Sepsis screening tool is a welcome addition to our armoury in identifying the signs of Sepsis and making sure all the right actions are taken in the vital first hour. We have been making really good progress in improving our diagnosis and response to Sepsis in recent months and this tool will add another dimension.”

The screening tool automatically reviews patients’ observations against the latest NICE criteria. The nurse is alerted to the possibility of the patient having sepsis. They are then able to escalate the patient to the doctor if they think that sepsis is the most likely reason for the recorded observations. The electronic system also gives prompts to commence the Sepsis Six. This is a set of six tasks which have been shown to increase the chances of survival if delivered within an hour of recognition of sepsis.

Medical Director, Dr Mark Daly said,

“Spotting sepsis as soon as we can, every time and treating quickly is vital for saving lives. This is an important way of making sure we do it every time for our patients.”

The plan is that the sepsis screening tool will be rolled out to all adult wards across the Trust in October.

Added on September 13, 2018, in News - Trust Improvement