EuSEM Prague 2019 Sim Cup

Team from the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Emergency Department represent the UK in the EuSEM Prague 2019 Sim Cup.

Teams competed across several stages of simulation training

This year the Emergency Department at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust signed up for the European Society for Emergency Medicine (EuSEM) Congress in Prague where they took part in the European Sim Cup.

The team included ED consultant Anna Shekhdar as team leader alongside ED major trauma fellow Aimee Westwood and 2 experienced ED/Resus nurses, Fay Mills and James Midda, with Olga Zmeijewska-Kaczor, who trained on the EuSEM Curriculum, as a coach and EuSEM enthusiast.

“The team was welcomed to the Prague conference centre where we had a briefing about sim rules and a chance to go through the equipment and medications”, explains Consultant in Emergency Medicine Olga Żmijewska-Kaczor. “Scenarios and standards were based on “ideal world” evidence based medicine and the EuSEM curriculum – meaning part of the task was set in the pre-hospital arena.”

“There were 8 teams”, explains Anna: “Brazil, France, Morocco, Czech Republic, Ireland, Latvia, and Cornwall representing the UK. There were hugs, laughs and friendly banter, not to mention our uplifting team spirit and so much positive energy. I can’t emphasize enough how friendly and happy the atmosphere was.”

“Our team came back with new friendships, lots of knowledge and confidence that whatever Emergency Medicine throws at us we are able to deal with it, giving our patients care that is of the highest standard”, concludes Olga. “The clinical challenges faced by the SIM teams were varied, creative and well thought through.”

Well done to Team Morocco, who came away with the cup and the advanced Laerdal mannequin prize, narrowly topping the performance of Team France. Both teams in the grand finale had competed at a national level to earn their place at the European SIM Cup and the Cornish team came home inspired to set up a similar national competition in the UK in time for EUSEM Copenhagen September 2020.

Do you think your multidisciplinary team is good enough to fly the flag for Team UK at next year’s Sim cup? Come and get involved with the national SIM competition. Teams of 4 required to include multiple disciplines, Doctors, Nurses, ACP’s, paramedics. Please email if you want to take part in the competition which will be hosted by Royal Cornwall Hospital next summer.

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