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Exploring new heights in education

Clinical Practice Educator for International Nursing at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust receives award from the Instabright International Guild for Educators and Researchers
Michael Joel Apas is the Clinical Practice Educator for International Nursing at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals. Earlier this month, as part of the 4th Instabright National Awards for Educators, Michael was named the recipient of the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award and Innovative Teacher Award, each in recognition of the transformative work and initiatives that he’s been a part of over his ten-year career.

“This award is an unforgettable achievement for me,”

Michael explains.

“I’m a nurse by profession, but teaching is a real passion for me, so it was especially heart-warming to be recognised for something that I know makes such a big difference, both to my students, and to our collective work at our hospitals.”

Education is not new to Michael, as many colleagues have described him as an innate educator. Originally from the Philippines, Michael has been based at the Royal Cornwall Hospital since 2021. Upon graduating in 2012, he was awarded with an honorary distinction of ‘Excellence in Head Nursing Award – an award given to students who excelled in leadership, management, and efficiency in work. In the same year, he took the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination with a high-rater status.

“What makes these particular awards so humbling is that the ultimate decision is made by the Instabright International Guild for Educators and Researchers,” Michael continues. “This means the awarding body was made up of members of the academic community who looked at the work I’ve been involved in since the very beginning of my career, not just during my time in the UK. Some of my contributions that helped the academic community in the Philippines for instance have helped to craft learning modules and enhancing case-approach education during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Since 2021, I’ve been able to formulate a specific learning pathway that underpins a self-directed and self-motivated approach to education,” Michael adds. “This pathway served as an inspiration to create a workbook for international enrolled nurses taking their OSCE examination. I’ve also developed a learning framework entitled ‘Onen Hag Oll: Encompassing a One and All Approach in International Nursing Education.’ This serves as a roadmap on the program that I offer to the new internationally educated nurses who are joining the RCHT.”

Added on 8 December 2022, in News - Awards and Achievements

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