Online Chlamydia Screening

Online Chlamydia Screening

Chlamydia is the most common STI.
As many as one in twelve young people are affected.

Most people don’t have any symptoms and so don’t know they have it, but it can cause serious problems and even infertility.

If you are under 25, we recommend that you test 2 weeks after sex with every new partner and every year.

You can do a Chlamydia test yourself, men pee in a pot and women take a swab. If your result is positive, treatment is free and easy to access.

If you are aged 15-24;

Click here to order your free chlamydia test

For further advice or information about Chlamydia Screening please call 01872 258481. If you are 25 or over, please click here.


Why get tested?

As many as 1 in 12 people aged 15-24 have Chlamydia, which makes it the most common STI, because it shows no symptoms many people don’t even know they have it. Untreated, Chlamydia can cause serious complications including infertility. However, finding it early means treatment is easy and effective. It can cause serious long-term health problems if left, including infertility.

How does the test work?

Simply order the test online. A testing kit will be posted out to you and arrive within the next few days (in a plain package, so no one will know what it is). All you need to do is take the sample required and post it back. We will let you know the results by text or phone.

How do I do the test?

You don’t need to be examined, you can do the test by yourself at home. Men will need to do a urine sample and women will need to take a vaginal swab. All the kit you’ll need and instructions are included in the box for you.

Is it confidential?

It is completely confidential. You will need to give us your correct contact information so that we can tell you your results.

I think I may have come into contact with Chlamydia, when can I take a test?

It’s best to wait two weeks after suspected contact with Chlamydia before you take a sample. You can either order the test now and then wait to take the sample, or order it after two weeks have passed.

Can you test for HIV and other STIs?

Not through our online service, but you can visit one of our free and confidential sexual health clinics across Cornwall. Find more information and clinic times here


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