Friends’ donation of rehabilitation chair provides state-of-the-art support for patients

It was a day of gratitude on Phoenix Ward as Senior Physiotherapist Deborah Cock met with members of the Inner Wheel Club of Truro to receive delivery of a brand-new HydroTilt CareFlex rehabilitation chair.
The chair was purchased through funds raised during the past year by the Inner Wheel Club and donated to the Friends of the RCH. Chairman of the Friends RCH Beatrice Dyer described it as “An all singing, all dancing piece of equipment that provides support to patients with a variety of ailments.”

Seeing the chair for the first time, Deborah described it as “Fabulous piece of kit”, adding: “As a support rehabilitation chair, the benefits this will bring to our patients will be enormous. The chair provides maximum support for our highest dependency patients on the unit, meaning we can sit patients out much earlier in their rehab, which in turn, will assist with their rehab progression.”

“This is a tilt-in-space chair”, Deborah continues. “This means that it’s the whole mechanism that reclines, not just the back-rest. This is designed to make patients feel more supported and to stop them sliding when seated in recline. There are also lateral supports to maintain posture and also to allow greater assistance with sitting and standing. The chair has wheels, making it mobile. This means that if patient wishes to go outside for fresh air or for a visit from a family pet, they can be moved more comfortably. It’s also pressure relieving, which means patients at risk of developing pressure ulcers are still able to sit safely and comfortably.”

Concluding, Deborah adds: “This was a much needed piece of equipment for us and we’re all incredibly grateful to the Inner Wheel Club of Truro and the Friends of RCH for making the purchase possible. The effect that this will have on our patients will be tremendous.”

If you would like to learn more about the Friends of the Royal Cornwall Hospital and the work they do, please visit the volunteer section of our website

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