Funds raised for Cuddle Cot to allow precious goodbyes

A mother from St Buryan was inspired by her daughter’s experience to raise funds for an additional Cuddlecot at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.

Back in 2015, Tracy supported her daughter, Fay Donovan, through the loss of her two babies Edward in April and Harry in October, both born sleeping, and wanted to make a difference to parents and families that may find themselves having to endure such a tragic loss.

“I took on this venture in the memory of my grandsons Edward & Harry, in hopes of bringing some comfort to grieving parents and families who also have to endure such tragic losses.

The devastation is one that cannot be described. As a mother, having to witness your daughter go through this is one of the most heart wrenching times I have ever had to endure, knowing there was nothing I could do to help my daughter and ease her pain,” said Tracy.

“The time my daughter was able to spend with Edward was very limited due to him not having the use of a Cuddle Cot. However, due to there being a cuddle cot available for Harry, my daughter was given the chance to spend up to 24 hours with him and say her goodbyes,” Tracy added.

Following the loss of her children, Fay became involved with fundraising campaign Maggie Pearl’s Legacy, which raises funds in the North West of England and this was the inspiration for Tracy herself to become involved and raise funds for a cot at Royal Cornwall Hospitals knowing that the unit only had one unit available.

Tracy was asked by the founders of Maggie Pearl’s Legacy to sew Angel Gowns from donated wedding dresses but when some of the gowns received were of such a high standard she decided to set up a pre loved wedding fair adding in donated gowns from West Cornwall Pre Loved Bridal and the support grew with further donations being received from local organisations after they learned of her very special fundraising goal.

Karen Stoyles, Bereavement Midwife, explains the difference that the donation will make,

“We welcome the kind donation of this additional Cuddlecot, a cooled mattress that allows babies to stay longer with their parents giving them precious time to say their goodbyes which would otherwise may not be possible. Having a second Cuddlecot not only enables us to offer this in hospital on the rare occasions when we care for two bereaved families at the same time, but gives us the opportunity to loan one to families who wish to take their baby home for a short time.

We would like to thank Tracy and her sister Sherran for their hard work in not only fundraising for the Cuddlecot but for providing us with beautifully made hats, blankets and burial gowns in an array of sizes for the babies.”

Photograph shows Tracy Cutler, Karen Stoyles and Fosse Wonnecott

Added on June 30, 2017, in News - RCHT Charity