Come Dance With Us!

Our Come Dance With Us! Stars will be putting their best foot forward as they are transformed from couch critic to dance floor diva!

Collage poster for 'Come Dance With Us!'
24 participants, from Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust Staff and members of the public, will be guided through 8 weeks of rehearsals all leading to a final event where a judging panel will decide who will be crowned King and Queen of the dance floor! ‘Meet your Come Dance With Us!’ Stars! Click on their links to find out more about their chosen fund and find out how to support them.

Johnathan Paddle – Consultant, Critical Care
Jonathan’s fundraising page

Katie Steward – Sister, Critical Care
Katie’s fundraising page

Claire Martin – Deputy Director of Nursing, Midwives & AHP’s
Claire Martin’s fundraising page

Rob Edgeler – Interim Head of Resourcing
Rob’s fundraising page

Jayne Noye – Project Manager, Cornwall IT Services (CITS)
Jayne’s fundraising page

Toby Nicholas – Primary School Teacher
Toby’s fundraising page

Matt Thomson – Practice Paramedic, Penzance
Matt’s fundraising page

Vicky Thomson – Staff Nurse, Surgical Unit, West Cornwall Hospital
Vicky’s fundraising page

Zaid Hasafa – Gynaecological endoscopy Fellow, Gynaecology
Zaid’s fundraising page

Mieke ten Eikelder – Locum Consultant Gynaecologist, Gynaecology
Mieke’s fundraising page

David Whinney – ENT Consultant, ENT Surgery
David’s fundraising page

Natalie Martin – Midwife – Obs & Gynaecology – Princess Alexander Maternity Wing
Natalie’s fundraising page

Claire Whitmill – Midwife, Treliske Delivery Suite
Claire Whitmill’s fundraising page

Steve Nemeth – Staff Nurse, Theatre Recovery and Critical Care
Steve’s fundraising page

Sarah Caskey – Clinical Matron, Cancer Services
Sarah Caskey’s fundraising page

Michael Caskey – Offshore Oil Field Driller
Michael’s fundraising page

Viv Tickle – Clinical Practice Educator, Learning & Development
Viv’s fundraising page

Phil Tickle – Working at being retired!
Phil’s fundraising page

Mel Terry – Specialist Occupational Therapist, CFS/ME Service
Mel’s fundraising page

Tom Martin – Sales Manager, Kernow Stone
Tom’s fundraising page

Sarah Budden – Clinical Matron, Specialist Medicine
Sarah Budden’s fundraising page

Chris Mitchell – Charge Nurse, Wellington Ward
Chris’s fundraising page

Wendy Sawyer – Senior Staff Nurse, Medical 2, West Cornwall
Wendy’s fundraising page

Brendon James – Audit & Project Monitoring Officer, Research & Development
Brendon’s fundraising page

You can keep up to date with all of the latest ‘Come Dance With Us!’ news by following the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity Facebook page.

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