Greeting patients with a smiling face

Dr Annabel Dumont from the RCHT has found a way to maintain a personal connection with patients at this difficult time…
With our frontline staff now protecting their patients and themselves behind layers of PPE, the experience of attending a hospital for the people in our care is potentially more daunting than ever.

One member of staff from the Royal Cornwall Hospitals may have found a way to overcome the limitations now placed on colleagues in how they interact with their patients, face-to-face.

To ensure that the people in her care are still greeted by a smiling face, Dr Annabel Dumont, Core Medical Trainee, CT1, has taken to displaying her photograph alongside her name and title, so that patients coming in to our hospitals maintain a personal connection.

Dr Dumont explains: “As the usual identifiers of our different clothes and uniforms have now been replaced by a universal set of scrubs, our team on Tintagel Ward had spoken about making labels with our names and titles printed, so that our patients could better know who we are.”

“I thought how nice it would be for our patients to see our faces as well. We’re so hidden behind our masks and goggles that I’d imagine it must be quite scary for some of our patients. So I printed a little smiley photo, laminated it, and attached it to my lanyard. This way my patients could still see who was hiding under all the PPE.”

“The idea has had great response from both colleagues and patients alike, and has helped raise a few smiles”, Dr Dumont concludes. “I’d hugely encourage my colleagues to do the same.”

Added on April 10, 2020, in News - Patient Experience