Guest beds for Wheal Prosper

It is always so heart-warming when we hear how funds the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity has provided have made a real difference to the experience of our patients their family and carers.
Our Wheal Prosper Ward at Royal Cornwall Hospital now have new guest beds thanks to funding from the Trust charity.

Previous to the ward having their own guest beds, they had to borrow beds from other areas.

Not only was this inconvenient, with the potential that the beds were not always available, but it also was a drain on valuable nursing time.

Lisa Waine, Ward Sister says

Each of these side rooms are occupied by various patients and their families, from young patients with learning disabilities to patients that require end of life care. Being in hospital can be a terrifying experience at the best of times, so having the facility that can enable your close family to be with you at all times is a real comfort.

Wheal Prosper is an isolation ward with 12 individual side rooms. Photographed are Lisa and Jo from the Wheal Prosper Team with one of the guest beds being prepared for use and some of the Wheal Prosper Team – pleased to have received the funding. #FundedbyRchtCharity

Added on January 10, 2019, in Charity - RCHT Charity