Hospital Charities Give Emergency Support

Trauma patients at Royal Cornwall Hospital will now be able to receive warm blood transfusions on the move thanks to funding from Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity and the Friends of the Royal Cornwall Hospital.
The two pieces of transfusion equipment will make the hospital’s Emergency Department unique across the South West Peninsula as no other trauma unit in the area holds the same pieces of equipment. The number of trauma patients to the hospital is significantly higher than in other areas due to the geography of the region, the seasonal influx of visitors and the types of activities on offer in the county, so increasing the desire to have this additional facility.Kate Padden, Emergency Department Advanced Nurse Practitioner, explains how the Belmont Transfusion Equipment will be used,

“Every week a multidisciplinary team meet to review our trauma cases and we identified that we were experiencing difficulty in transfusing large amounts of warm blood especially when mobile, for example when needing to transfer a patient for a CT Scan which the majority of trauma patients will need,”

“We had equipment that warms blood however this was not portable and therefore was useless when transfers to CT, theatre and to definitive places of care are time critical,” Kate added.

The larger Belmont transfusion unit, supplied through a grant of £10,000 from the Friends of Royal Cornwall Hospital, will enable the team to give large amounts of warmed blood during resuscitation as giving cold blood is harmful in major trauma.

The smaller Belmont Buddy Lite was purchased following a successful bid from the Emergency Department team to the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity 12 Days of Christmas Campaign. Teams across the Trust are invited to apply to win funding for additional items in their area and on each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas the charity awards amounts from £1000 up to £3000 on Christmas Day to the winning teams.

The Emergency Department were the winners of the top prize last year bidding to purchase a Buddy Lite. The Buddy Lite is portable and being much smaller is also useful when treating paediatric patients as the unit can be placed inside a cot or bed with the patient.

Mark Jadav, lead consultant for major trauma in the Emergency Department explains how the equipment will help,

“Delaying blood products to a patient with severe blood loss can be a matter of life and death and this new equipment will help us not only to provide warmed blood products but also will free up nursing time. The equipment is designed to be user-friendly with greater levels of safety, meaning that teams can carry out other care without having to make unnecessary checks on equipment.”

Training has been taking place day and night within the department to ensure that all 80+ nurses are able to use the new equipment and to get it in use as soon as possible.

“This is great news for the Emergency Department and ultimately for our patients as it has been shown that through the use of these kinds of equipment mortality rates are reduced and there are better quality of life outcomes following treatment. We are so grateful for the support from both charities and to put the funding to such good use,” added Kate Padden.

In this short film, Kate Padden shows the Buddy Lite along with the transfusion equipment funded by the Friends of the Royal Cornwall Hospital.

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