iPad donations from the charity Finnsarmy delight young visitors to Clinical Imaging

The Clinical Imaging Department at the Royal Cornwall Hospital were delighted to accept a donation of two new interactive iPads from the charity Finnsarmy.
The mission of Finnsarmy is to bring some light into the lives of very ill and life-limited children in Cornwall via an iPad lending library.

“The iPads can help distract paediatric patients during their imaging procedures and make their experiences more enjoyable” explains Glenda Shaw, Imaging Quality & Service Improvement Lead for Clinical imaging. “We are already lucky enough to have iPads available in both MRI and Nuclear Medicine, and these new devices will go to our Ultrasound and CT departments.”

The photo shows one of the new devices being displayed by the eight fabulous school children that attended the Clinical Imaging Department as part of the hospital’s Take Over Day. During the course of the day the group of children were given their own bespoke NHS ID badges before being treated to a day of activities, including a tour of the Audiology department and later Clinical Imaging.

“These iPads have proven to have a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of children visiting our hospitals and we have to once again say a very big thank you to Finn and his charity, as well as to Clerical Officer for Clinical Imagining Darren Wade, for helping to source the devices.”

Added on November 29, 2019, in Charity - Clinical Imaging