Kay’s calendar – Enhancing Dementia care on Kerensa

For patients with dementia, coming into hospital can be frightening and confusing. Being away from home comforts and a familiar routine can be distressing not just for the patient but also their family.

Kay Murphy, Health Care Assistant, has worked on the Elder Care Ward for over 30 years and her years of experience, along with losing her mum to dementia earlier this year, has inspired her to create a fundraising calendar,

“I lost my mum this year, she had dementia and one thing she always used was a calendar – for shopping, doctors’ appointments and to remember birthdays and other special dates. Quite often we relied on the calendar ourselves. So my idea for a calendar came from my passion and my mum.”

“We want to raise funds on Kerensa Ward to provide more activities and resources for our patients such as radios, televisions and audio books for the blind. We want to put in place some normality, it could be familiar music or a newspaper on their lap, anything that helps them to feel at ease.”

The ‘What day is it?’ Calendar contains simple images to symbolise each month, quotes regarding Dementia and an area for special dates that anyone can use to record days to remember but which can be an extra help to anyone with Dementia.

The Kerensa Ward Team at Royal Cornwall Hospital are keen to put their patients at the heart of the care provide and know that some simple additions to can make a big difference.

“The Kerensa Team want to enhance the lives of patients with dementia and make our ward feel like a safe and comforting place to be. Some of our patients can be in our care for months and we know that this can help to settle them and reduce the amount of distress they feel,” Hayley Townsend, Acting Sister on Kerensa Ward.

“Kay is amazing! She is a great ambassador for Kerensa Ward and has real determination to make the ward and patients’ lives more meaningful and calm,” added Hayley.

Kay and the Kerensa Team will be selling the ‘What day is it?’ calendar at Trelawny Entrance, Royal Cornwall Hospital on Tuesday 19th November. The calendar costs £5 with all proceeds donated to the Kerensa Ward Fund, part of Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity.

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