Lifesaving scanner donated by Friends of RCH

The Emergency Department team, thanks to the generosity of the Friends of Royal Cornwall Hospital donating £30,000, has unveiled its new ultrasound machine.

Olga Zmijewska Kaczor, Emergency Department Consultant, approached the Friends of RCH to highlight the benefits of emergency ultrasound as a constant assessment during cardiac arrest and how this can help teams to make decisions about the benefits of continued resuscitation efforts. Olga referred to a case where a patient’s life had been saved after ultrasound was used to detect heart contractions that indicated the potential benefit of prolonged resuscitation.

Having the new ultrasound scanner on hand within the department will mean patients who have suffered a cardiac arrest can have this additional monitoring, which in turn will save lives. Training in its use is being rolled out to staff across the Emergency Department.

Anna Shekhdar, Emergency Department Consultant, who unveiled the new ultrasound scanner together with Olga and Beatrice Dyer, Friends of RCH Chairperson, stated it was a momentous occasion for the department to receive this hugely beneficial piece of equipment.

Beatrice Dyer was thrilled to cut the ribbon on the lifesaving machine and said it was the emotive story the team submitted which made the Friends Committee so eager to be involved in making sure they were able to get it.

“I like to think the Friends of RCH provide the cream to the hospital staff who are the bread and jam and if there is anything we can do to help make a difference to staff lives as well as patients’ lives, we will continue to do so,” said Beatrice.

Added on December 1, 2017, in News - Medicine / Volunteering & Friends