London to Paris Fitness Challenge

Adrian Evans, Charge Nurse Med 2 WCH, was not allowed a bike as a child as it was deemed too dangerous by his mother. At age 17 he jumped on his first bike and now he is joining us for our London to Paris cycle.
Adrian joined Slimming World in 2016 at 18st 7lbs and lost 42lbs in 6 months. Adrian says ‘but after that fantastic start I found that I slowly lost motivation and over time I re-gained 28lbs. I realised that I was going home from a busy and often challenging day at work to just sit on the sofa’.Adrian continues ‘I had no hobby, was doing no exercise and I was getting concerned about my health and fitness’. Adrian’s partner Jane and her family set him a challenge to commit to a pastime before Christmas that could also have a positive effect on Adrian’s lifestyle.

Adrian had read about our RCHT Charity London to Paris Cycle but it was during the staff festival that he felt he would sign up. ‘Lynne from the RCHT Charity Team introduced me to Brendon and Chris from the CITS Cycle for Children Team who asked if I was joining them’.

Lynne continues

‘I thought I was saving his blushes by saying that I didn’t think he would be taking part. I have known Adrian for a long time and he’s an excellent chap but not necessarily the first person who springs to mind for a 237 mile cycle’. Adrian said ‘I felt this was a sort of challenge and I was spurred on, with the support of Jane and the RCHT Charity Team, to sign up to the challenge’.

Adrian has decided to publicly share his story about his motivation for the bike ride and we will be following his journey.

Adrian explained ‘It’s threefold. Firstly I wanted a fitness and weight loss goal and focus. Secondly I simply want to have more energy and finally I want to raise funds for my workplace, WCH’. ‘My fundraising will be divided between two. The Memory Café at WCH for those living with dementia and the WCH General Fund’.

Adrian intends to begin his regime on Monday 6th January and in the meantime SSN Sam Wilkin has lent him her static bike so he is busy clocking up the miles in his lounge before he takes his new bike out on the road.

Adrian hopes that by being open and sharing his own story and personal motivation that he will inspire others to start their own journeys and reach their own goals. We’re so proud of you Adrian and so delighted that you will be joining us in Paris, thank you.

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