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Lowen Ward and Patient Blood Management Service have moved!

Lowen Ward has moved into its new temporary home, on the Ground Floor of the Royal Cornwall Hospital’s Tremenel Unit. This is a short-term move for around 19 weeks until the brand-new MRI and Oncology/Haematology Unit opens at the end of March 2023
The new footprint for Lowen Ward (on the Tremenel Unit) provides a large area for the delivery of care, with six spacious private ensuite rooms, and three ward bays, each accommodating up to four patients. This brand-new ward area improves both the patient experience, and the ability of staff to continue to deliver the highest standards of care, and infection prevention and control.

At the same time, the Patient Blood Management Service has also moved into the Ground Floor of the new Tremenel Unit from its temporary home in the Sunrise Centre. This improved working environment will be the permanent location for the service, which has experienced a number of relocations in recent years.

The Care Group and clinical team have welcomed the additional space in the Tremenel Unit. “We’re very excited to have moved into the unit, albeit as a temporary measure,” says Sarah Caskey, Clinical Matron for Cancer Services at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. “It is a step closer to our ultimate home in the new Oncology/Haematology Unit, but this interim home will enable cancer patients, some of whom are here for extended periods of time, and our clinical staff, to enjoy a light, airy and spacious environment. Our more vulnerable patients, who must be isolated, will benefit in particular.”

The space vacated by Lowen Ward in the Link Corridor is scheduled to become a new Planned Care Recovery Unit until the Link Corridor is demolished, in 2024, to make way for the new Women and Children’s Hospital.

Both Lowen Ward (on the Tremenel Unit) and the Patient Blood Management Service, can be accessed from the Eye Unit waiting area on the ground floor of Tower Block, via the short link corridor.
The first floor of the Tremenel Unit is occupied by the Frailty SDEC (Same Day Emergency Care) Unit. Previously, this was Wheal Vor Ward.

Please email for further information.

Added on 21 November 2022, in News - General News

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