More staff respond to survey to say they are more positive

Publication of the latest NHS Staff Survey reveals that staff at the Royal Cornwall Hospitals are more positive about their work and the care they provide.

The survey, which took place between October and November last year, saw a rise of almost one fifth (19%) in the number of staff who took time to share their views on working at RCHT.“The response rate is a huge improvement,” says RCHT Chief Executive, Kate Shields, “but what’s even better is the significantly more positive feedback in 8 of the 11 aspects of the survey.

“What’s brilliant for me is that so many more colleagues are saying they are happy with the care they are able to give and that they would recommend working at RCHT to others.  We’re under no illusion that we’ve got everything right and that there isn’t more to do, but we are definitely heading in the right direction. We are clear that caring for our people should be deeply personal. Most people who work at RCHT, live in Cornwall so we are caring for our own. We need to strive to be as good as we possibly can be.”

Among the areas seeing steps forward are as improved safety culture – building on improvement seen last year – improved morale and staff engagement, quality of care, leadership and team working. These are all vital ingredients in making RCHT as good as local people and visitors to Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly deserve.’

Director of People and Organisational Development Kerry Eldridge, adds “The results are really encouraging but what is crucial is that we now discuss them in detail with our staff and make sure they are involved in responding to the areas where there is still concern.  For example, we know we need to do more around equality and inclusion and are already putting a lot more effort into raising awareness of the benefits to patient care by having a diverse workforce and better supporting our people.

“But overall what the survey is telling us is that we are on the right track. It takes time to change the culture of an organisation as large as ours and it’s our renewed focus on the health, wellbeing and involvement of our people that will help us to become a brilliant employer.”

More than 3,100 staff at RCHT responded to the survey, around 8% more than at similar hospitals.  When compared against 43 other Trusts using the same survey provider, our staff rated their hospitals in the top 20% in 15 questions and in the bottom 20% in 12 questions, an improvement from 8 and 34 respectively compared to the 2018 survey.  Staff rated RCHT as around the same as others in a further 63 questions.

Added on February 20, 2020, in News - Trust Improvement / Working for us