Launching our nursing, midwifery and allied health professions vision

Members of the nursing, midwifery and allied health professions leadership team have been visiting all of our sites talking to colleagues and launching our Vision for the future of the professions.
This Vision, which has been developed through consultation with staff across the Trust, aims to empower our nursing, midwifery and allied health professional teams to lead change and to identify and reduce variations or delays in patient care and treatment, and help us achieve better outcomes for patients, better patient and family experiences, and better use of our resources.

We’re excited about the impact this vision will have on the patient care we deliver:

“The creation of the RCHT NHMAP vision together has allowed us the opportunity to collectively develop our plan for compassionate, multidisciplinary care at RCHT. The addition of the integrated healthy workforce as an important factor to flag that championing excellence, looking after each other and reducing unwarranted variation is an issue for all of us. The vision is a fabulous platform on which innovation in practice within the RCHT community can grow.”
Claire Martin- Deputy Chief Nurse

“I believe this NMAHP Vision will allow colleagues to take a little time out to look at the variations in care they see every day. It gives us permission to engage with others to tackling these differences and make a difference for our patients.”
Frazer Underwood, Consultant Nurse and Associate Chief Nurse

“The Vision brings countless opportunities for Nurses, Midwives and AHPS to work differently and together in advanced roles to improve outcomes for patients, exciting times ahead.”
Berni George, Deputy Director for Quality, Safety and Improvement.

“I believe the NMAHP vision will enable us to provide better patient and family experience, particularly those who are at End of Life, as we seek to reduce unwarranted variations.”
Louise Dickinson, Consultant Nurse and Associate Chief Nurse

Added on August 24, 2018, in News - Trust Improvement