Categories for 2019 awards and criteria

Student/apprentice of the Year

We’re looking for outstanding students and apprenticeships of any age who have shown their commitment to learning and to providing brilliant care and services. Judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of care and compassion and a keen desire to learn
  • Successfully combining a their work alongside their studies
  • Bringing innovative or inspirational ideas into the workplace

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Brilliant health professional

For colleagues who are real ambassadors for their profession, going that extra mile to provide brilliant care or services and to encourage others to do the same. Judges will be looking for evidence of how the individual:

  • demonstrates clinical excellence through a caring and compassionate approach to patient care
  • contributes to the improvement services
  • sets an example for other health professionals
  • has made a lasting or long-term contribution care

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Brilliant support/administration colleague

This award recognises colleagues in non-clinical roles, working in any part of our hospitals, supporting us to deliver brilliant care. Judges will be looking for evidence of:

  • How their role impacts on our ability to provide brilliant care
  • A commitment to continuous service improvement and innovation, in partnership with service users or staff
  • Evidence of measurable improvement as a result of a project or initiative

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Brilliant team

For teams who have shown how they work flexibly together, with a ‘can do’ approach to overcoming barriers, delivering continuous improvements for patients, service users and/or staff. Judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of how the team has worked together to achieve success
  • Evidence of involving their service users and/or partners
  • Illustrations of how the team works innovatively and overcomes barriers
  • Evidence of how their work is inspiring others

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Leader of the Year

An award to recognise brilliant leadership that demonstrates a positive and sustained impact on patients, service users, carers and/or staff. Judges will be looking specifically for:

  • Renowned for putting brilliant care and patient safety at the heart of service delivery
  • Known for developing their shared vision and purpose
  • Influencing and working with a range of partners whilst mobilising and energising others with their vision for change and inspiring excitement about the future
  • Have a reputation for spotting talent and supporting emerging leaders with compassion, openness and integrity

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Patient Safety Champion

For teams or individuals who have been actively tackling and improving the patient safety culture and outcomes within their area or across our hospitals. Judges will be looking for examples that:

  • Can show how patient care has been made safer, through quantitative or qualitative results
  • Evidence the team or individual has directly contributed to the delivery or consistently brilliant care
  • Show how safer practice has been shared with other teams or organisations

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Innovator of the Year

An award for teams or individuals who have successfully introduced innovative change, technology or new ways of working to bring about brilliant care for patients. Judges will be looking for nominations that show:

  • How a brilliant idea has been turned into brilliant improvement
  • Evidence of the tangible benefits to patient care, our hospitals or staff
  • Innovations that have the potential to grow within RCHT and beyond

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IWL ‘Joy in Work’ Award

Awarded to an individual or team that has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to making RCHT a better place to work. Judges will be looking for evidence that:

  • The individual or team has gone above and beyond to raise the profile of, and improve, the health and wellbeing colleagues
  • Innovative and sustainable initiatives that are bringing ‘Joy In Work’
  • Measurable results of the impact of their initiative(s)

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Mover & Shaker of the Year

Do you someone who is inspiring, motivating and just making things happen? This award will recognise those who are helping us to make improvements, faster. Judges will be looking for:

  • Evidence of a ‘can do’ attitude that is breaking through barriers
  • Innovative approaches to solving long-standing issues
  • Demonstrating how they are bringing others along ‘on the ride’
  • Examples of just getting on and doing what’s needed

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Fundraiser of the Year

We’re looking for colleagues, individuals or teams, who have made a significant contribution to RCHT Charity fundraising this year and who have helped to raise the profile of a specific event or the RCHT Charity as a whole. Judges will be looking for:

  • Fun and innovative approaches to fundraising
  • Evidence of their achievements and how they have inspired others
  • How their fundraising has benefitted patients and/or colleagues

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Volunteer of the Year

For an individual volunteer or team of volunteers that has been brilliant in supporting patients and/or staff this year. Judges will be looking for evidence that:

  • They have given up their time, unpaid, to improve the experience of patients, service users, carers and/or staff.
  • The individual or team has shown exceptional dedication to working together with RCHT
  • They demonstrate an outstanding commitment to the NHS and our values
  • They inspire others to become volunteers

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Partnership Working Award

A category to recognise health and care partners in the public, private or voluntary sector who are working with us to bring about improvements to the way we provide care. Judges will be looking for examples of

  • Improving patient pathways and unblocking traditional barriers; working innovatively to make care more accessible
  • Avoiding admissions to hospital by supporting people to stay at home, to get home sooner, or to receive care in alternative settings
  • Stepping up support in times of crisis

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Budding Brilliance

Recognising the achievements of an individual, who has joined our hospitals within the past two years, who goes beyond what might be expected to help deliver the high standards of care or services and is an ambassador for our values. Judges will be looking for someone who:

  • Is energetic, innovative and not afraid to challenge the status quo
  • Reflects our values in the way they go about their work
  • Aspires to be brilliant and inspires colleagues to follow in their footsteps
  • Is recognised by others as having the potential to become a future leader

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