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Foundation Year One

This page was last updated: March 30th, 2021

The Foundation Year One (F1) Programme is directed and administrated by a team that includes Dr Kathryn Eccleston, and Katherine Trevorrow. They endeavour to ensure that you have appropriate education and pastoral support throughout your F1 year.

All F1s have an Educational Supervisor for the entire year and a named Clinical Supervisor for each speciality placement (details are available from the Postgraduate Centre).

F1 Teaching

There is F1 teaching every week on a Tuesday lunchtime. The programme is designed to cover acute medical and surgical topics that are particularly relevant to F1 doctors covering all aspects of care of the acutely-ill patient listed in the F1 curriculum. View a sample F1 Teaching timetable.

F1 Generic Skills

There is also a six-week rolling programme of F1 Generic Skills that ensures all other aspects of the curriculum are covered, particularly concentrating on the non-clinical attributes of a good doctor. It also offers small group teaching in practical skills and acute care training using simulation. View a sample F1 Generic Skills timetable.

All F1 doctors will also complete a one day AIMS Course.

F1 Rotations

Our rotations ensure that you will be able to achieve all competencies and sample a number of specialties. For more information, please look at a sample F1 Rotation. You will also be offered a taster of up to a week in a specialty that is not included in your rotation.

Please be aware that we cannot give specific details of rotas and banding, because rotas change in response to monitoring. However, further details will be available from medical staffing when you’re issued with your contract and terms of employment. It’s also worth bearing in mind that the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust Strategic Plan may mean movement of some wards and services around the hospital, so your job plan may be subject to change before you start work in August.

Applying for a Foundation job

All applications for Foundation jobs are made through the
Foundation Programme website. You will find all you need to know about the Foundation Programme on this website.

Useful Contacts

Foundation Programme Director (F1)

Dr Kathryn Eccleston

Head of Peninsula Foundation School

Sarah Rawlinson

Foundation School Manager

Trudi Geach

Foundation School Administrator

Natalie Band

Foundation School Administrator

Suzanne Maddock

Useful Links

  • BMJ Learning have launched an online learning service which is aimed at the new intake of F1 & F2 trainees and free to users.

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