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Study Leave

This page was last updated: June 4th, 2021

Study leave for junior doctors is set by Health Education South West to provide for the delivery of specific curriculum training requirements within each Trust and to help doctors:
  • Develop competences not achieved through other activities
  • Pursue training in support of the curriculum
  • Undertake a planned programme of private study (beyond F2)
  • Attend examinations within a training programme (see guidelines)
  • Arrange short-term attachments in other specialties i.e. Tasters

All doctors in training are entitled to annual study leave. Specific entitlements and study budgets for junior doctors at Royal Cornwall Hospital NHS Trust (RCHT) are summarised below. For further details click on Study Leave Guidelines for Junior Doctors.

Application Process

All study leave is discretionary and must be applied for via Intrepid or in writing. It must also be approved by your educational supervisor as part of a personal learning plan and by your division/rota co-ordinator. For further information go to Study Leave Application Process for Junior Doctors.

Foundation Year One

There is no study leave allowance in Foundation Year One (F1), but F1s can take up to 5 days of the 30-day F2 allowance for Tasters and to attend a one-day career planning workshop offered by the Peninsula Deanery. Tasters provide an opportunity for F1s to gain an insight into the work of other specialties with a view to informing career choices for Foundation Year Two. For further details & application forms click on Forms & Links.

Foundation Year Two

F2s have a study leave entitlement of 30 days and a budget allocation of £576 in Foundation Year Two. Part of this entitlement is pre-allocated for Study Days, Tasters, the ALS course and GP Learning Sets (where appropriate). Further details are available in the F2 Study Leave Guidelines.

GP Specialty Trainees

GP Trainees have a study leave entitlement of 30 days and a budget allocation of £300. Part of your entitlement has been pre-allocated for curriculum requirements. For further details click on GP ST Study Leave & Expense Claim Guidelines.

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