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Our agency partnership terms

This page was last updated: June 2nd, 2021

The Trust’s main priority is to provide the highest quality of care to our patients. To ensure that we achieve this priority, we are firmly committed to using only NHS approved framework agencies. We aim to reduce our reliance on costly agency workers in compliance with NHS Improvement Agency Rules.

Unsolicited contact, visits, telephone calls, emails & CVs

We have a strict policy on unsolicited contact from recruitment agencies. Agencies must not contact any of our employees, including recruiting managers, directly. We only permit agencies to have contact with those authorised within the Resourcing & Bank Team to do so.

All recruitment is centralised and carried out by the Trust’s Resourcing & Bank Team. For temporary agency cover requests and bookings all contact needs to be via the Trust’s Bank Team only and not directly with clinical and non-clinical areas, wards, outpatient areas and/or departments.

Unsolicited phone calls and emails reflect poorly on agencies and are likely to mitigate against their inclusion on our Approved Supplier List. We apologise to high quality recruitment agencies for this approach, yet we receive an unacceptable level of unsolicited contact and must strictly apply this policy.

Unauthorised visits to Trust departments and making appointments on arrival at the Trust are not permitted.

Should agencies arrive uninvited, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust managers and employees are advised not to meet with them, but to politely re-direct them to the Resourcing Team. In addition, staff are advised to forward any agency contact and/or correspondence to the relevant teams. This ensures that the correct processes ensuring patient safety are followed and avoids staff being unnecessarily distracted from our core business of providing excellent care to patients.

Agency representatives must not tour the hospital looking for staff and/or agency workers.

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust employees have been made aware of this Agency Protocol. Any issues experienced with a particular recruitment agency will be escalated to senior management for further action. This includes advising the relevant framework operator.

Unsolicited CVs and candidate profiles/details

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has a commitment to sourcing candidates directly and as such we do not accept speculative CVs from agencies. We do, however, work with a defined list of preferred suppliers who may be invited to support us in sourcing candidates for particular roles.

In line with our preferred supplier list, we only pay agency fees where we have a signed agreement in place and an agency has been instructed by a member of the Trust’s Recruitment team.

We do not pay agency fees where speculative and unsolicited CVs are submitted to the Trust or Trust employees by any means other than the official route above.

Where this is not observed the Trust reserves the right to contact these candidates directly and initiate discussions without payment of any agency fee.

Any candidate details (whether written or spoken) or CVs that are referred directly will not constitute an introduction. The Trust will under no circumstances be responsible for any recruitment fees in relation to these contacts.

Submission of any unsolicited CVs, candidate’s details and/or proposals to the Trust will not be considered further. They will be deemed evidence of full and unlimited acceptance of this Agency Protocol.

In order to establish and maintain good working relationships with the Trust’s agency suppliers, we ask that this Protocol is adhered to and thank you for your co-operation.

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