Paul Lidder is new Chief Clinical Information Officer

Consultant Surgeon Paul Lidder has been appointed as the new Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) for the Trust to help lead and develop our digital strategy.
Paul will work with the Cornwall IT Service and all of his clinical colleagues so that we make the best use of technology to improve care for patients.

The Chief Clinical Information Officer (CCIO) is a vital role in healthcare that brings together understanding of digital technology and systems with clinical expertise to influence both the digital and clinical strategy.

Paul is clear that the lack of a digital strategy has had a negative effect for the organisation and frustrated clinicians. He says that the current set up of having close to 100 different systems that don’t work well together and hold information in multiple locations is impacting on patient care. It is inefficient, costly and most importantly has an impact on patient safety.
Working daily with patients at the bedside Paul fully understands the frustrations and challenges our current IT infrastructure creates and he aims to utilise his experience and knowledge to bring about change. Paul is also pragmatic and complimentary about our Cornwall IT Service and the hard work our digital and e-health teams put into maintaining and improving systems in tight financial times.

Paul is optimistic about the future though and the potential for technology to transform patient care at Royal Cornwall Hospitals. He says that the recent development of the E-Observation system shows the progress that can be made and integration with a unified electronic handover system allied with the new ‘Patient Status at a Glance’ functionality enables clinicians to track and respond to our sickest patients wherever they are in the hospital.

They key to improvement though will not be the technology but people. We need everyone to engage in and embrace new technology and to work together to find the right solutions for Royal Cornwall Hospitals. Paul says that his colleagues have been burnt in the past and there is scepticism and resistance given the track record in the NHS with IT but that we cannot afford to stand still.

Through clinical involvement, training and sharing the potential benefits alongside the right strategy and investment, Paul believes that technology can help us solve many of the challenges we face and ensure we provide brilliant care in Cornwall.

This weekend you will also find Paul and some of his colleagues at the Total Obstacle Run fundraising for Bowel Cancer West. Find out more here:

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