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Post Operative Ice Lollies

Fab, Rocket Lolly, Mini Milk? We all have a favourite ice lolly to refresh you on a warm sunny day, but here at Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust, lollies are being enjoyed all year round thanks to a project devised by Dr Libby Fontaine, Dr Tom Bevir and Christian Valenzuela to be used in Paediatric Recovery.

Thanks to donations made to the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Charity General Fund, ice lollies are in constant supply for children receiving treatment in Tower Theatres. Ice lollies for postoperative children in recovery have been proven to improve pain scores, reduce nausea, vomiting and reduce requirement for pain relief.

A family affair-artwork by Dr Fontaine’s son

The project, which came into effect last October 2021, hopes to assist with a more rapid recovery and quick discharge for the patient. Making a better experience for a young patient during their time at RCHT.

Secured safely away in their own locked freezer, the Ice lollies have been specially sourced to not have any artificial sweeteners or colourings, along with being dairy and nut free to enable more children to access this new initiative.

fridge freezer

‘Parents are relieved to see their child, who has just had surgery, is not experiencing as much pain, making the experience for patient, family and staff much more positive’

Christian Valenzuela Team Lead - Ears, Nose, Throat and Maxillofacial Operating Theatres

Janette Shinger, Staff Nurse and Christian Valenzuela, Team Lead proudly showing the ice lolly promotion given to wards, pictured in Tower Theatres Paediatric Waiting Room.

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