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Pressure on health and care services increases

This page was last updated: October 25th, 2021

Speaking on behalf of the NHS in Cornwall RCHT Medical Director, Dr Allister Grant said:

“There is unprecedented demand on health and care services in Cornwall, more so this week than at any point during the pandemic. As a result, we have escalated our operational level from OPEL4 to an internal critical incident.

Pressure will always be most visible at the Emergency Department where ambulances are waiting, and our priority here is to move people into wards as soon as we can.  Last night (Wednesday into Thursday) there were over 100 people in the emergency department – it is designed to accommodate 40 people at any one time – and more than 25 ambulance crews waiting to handover patients to go to their next call.

Even though they are already working extraordinarily hard, our staff are supporting the opening extra inpatient areas not only in our hospitals but in care homes who have beds available but not the staff to open them.

Families, friends and neighbours are urged to help us, too, by offering to support someone waiting for home care to leave hospital sooner, and we would ask them to contact the ward directly if they can help in any way. Getting someone home a day or two sooner will mean we can free up a vital hospital bed for someone else in urgent need.”

Added on 22 October 2021, in News - Patient Care

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