RCHT cancer app lands multiple awards for innovation

An app which has been supporting cancer patients in Cornwall for the last six months has been awarded for its innovation.
A joint project between The Sunrise Appeal and the Royal Cornwall Hospital, oncologist Dr John McGrane says he was inspired with the idea during a conversation with a friend about how they could support cancer patients in a more modern way.

Now, not only has it been awarded for its innovation for the hospital, but most recently was handed the Overall Winner of the Year award and the App of the Year title by Health Tech News.

John said:

We usually give people lots of pieces of paper that they don’t always read, so we’re trying to give them that bit of support that can be available at all times.

We’re absolutely delighted with the awards and hopefully that reflects what we believe-that it’s a really good support tool for patients.

The app currently has information with links to things like support groups, useful videos and explanations of treatments, as well as detailed information on what to expect during your first oncology appointment and where to park.

Completely free to download, John says that around half of their new patients are already using it.

He added:

There’s been really good feedback, we’re finding patients are asking more difficult questions because they’ve already done the research through our app –which is exactly what we want.

You can’t have too much support if you’re going through cancer. It’s the least we can do.

Added on January 11, 2019, in Awards - Awards and Achievements