RCHT helps to put national spotlight on Down’s Syndrome campaign

The midwifery and communications teams at RCHT have helped local mum Becca Hulbert launch a campaign to get the nation thinking about the way we talk to, and about, people who have Down’s Syndrome.
After appearing on BBC Breakfast last week, the national news story, which includes an interview with Sarah-Jane Pedler, Professional Midwifery Advocate at RCHT, has reached more than 1.4 million people. Based on her own experiences after her son Arthur was born with Down’s Syndrome, Becca has developed a series of flashcards to make sure people are aware to say things like saying someone “has Down’s syndrome”, rather than “suffers with Down’s syndrome”.

After contacting us at RCHT we arranged for Becca’s flashcards to be made into short videos that are now on display on TV information screens around our hospitals and the maternity team is working with Becca to explore training workshops for staff. Already other hospitals want to get involved in the campaign, other news outlets are picking up the story and Becca has been asked for cards in different languages.

RCHT has been the first to embrace the campaign and it’s hoped it will quickly spread across the UK and beyond

View video here

Added on 27 October 2020, in News - Patient Experience

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