RCHT staff join the 70 Day #EndPJparalysis campaign

Professor Brian Dolan, the originator of #EndPJparalysis and #Last1000days social movements, visited RCH this week to launch the 70-day #EndPJparalysis Challenge.
This campaign will be running across the UK and Ireland from 17 April to 26 June 2018, to tie in with the 70th anniversary of the NHS on 5 July 2018.

A one-day workshop was held to highlight the importance of the #EndPJparalysis campaign, which has become a global social movement embraced by nurses, therapists and medical colleagues. The 70 day campaign aims to achieve a million days of patients up, dressed and moving while in hospital. There’s even an app that will be used to collect data from clinicians; this will be displayed on the #EndPJparalysis website, where national results will be collated and tracked.

Having patients in their day clothes while in hospital, rather than in pyjamas (PJs) or gowns, enhances dignity, autonomy and experience as well as, in many instances, shortening their length of stay. For patients over the age of 80, a week in bed can lead to 10 years of muscle ageing, 1.5 kg of muscle loss, and may lead to increased dependency and demotivation. Mobilising has been shown to reduce falls, improve patient experience and reduce length of stay by up to 1.5 days.

To explain this to patients, staff and the wider public the Trust has produced a video that describes how patients can be more active in hospital. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gd9IuxaBpjE&t=5s

#EndPJparalysis has gained the support of patients and their carers, the latter who love that their relative is up and dressed when they come into see them.

The 70 Day #EndPJparalysis website provides details of all the available resources for the campaign, including details of how to download the data collection app:


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