RCHT’s Paediatric Diabetes Team share positive story at national audit conference

On Friday 17th January, the Paediatric Diabetes Team from the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust was invited to speak at the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit Annual Conference in London.

The conference presents an opportunity for participants with an interest in improving the quality of care for paediatric diabetes to hear about outcomes from the previous audit year, share their good practice ideas, network with colleagues from across the UK and listen to presentations from audit participants.

“Every year we submit to the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit”, explains Anita England, Paediatric Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist. “For the past four years our units have been classed as positive outliers. This means that out of the 174 units in England and Wales our results are far better than the national average and consistently better than those from the South West.”

As part of their presentation, the team discussed the possible reasons why the unit has seen such consistency in their outcomes. “We’re quite innovative as a department and in many ways we work outside the box”, suggests Gemma Burley, Lead Dietician for Paediatric Diabetes. “We try to give our families the tools to implement our advice and guidance; to empower families to self-care. The collaboration we have with families is crucial to improving care, and our success is hugely dependent on the hard work of the young people and families that we see.”

“We have a really great working environment here in Cornwall, which I think helps”, adds Gemma. “We also have a really good team; we all contribute and we all feel equally valued.”

“We wanted to push the message of strong team work”, continues Anita. “This isn’t just the way we collaborate, but how we communicate as well. Making sure that everyone is consistent and saying the same things is what we do and what we strive for. I think that’s part of how well we work. Whether you see a consultant, myself, or Gemma, the message is always the same.”

There were 200 delegates in attendance at the conference. The team from Cornwall found themselves side-by-side not just with other units from England and Wales but also teams from Sweden.

“We were sharing our good news story with other units”, continues Anita. “Units that consistently have great results. All the other teams were really enthusiastic about our work and the experience was a positive one.”

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