Sage & Thyme Workshop for Healthcare Professionals

SAGE & THYME’ is a mnemonic which guides healthcare professional/care workers into and out of a conversation with someone who is distressed or concerned. It provides structure to psychological support by encouraging the health worker to hold back with advice and prompting the concerned person to consider their own solutions.

This 3 hour workshop is run by 3 facilitators. It uses a mix of small group work, lectures and rehearsals to teach participants how to have an evidence-based, structured conversation with someone who has concerns or is distressed.

After a short introduction, the workshops uses small groups to establish what the participants already know about how to pick up and respond to concerns.

This is followed by a half hour lecture on research findings and policy relating to effective communication skills. The SAGE & THYME model is introduced as a model to help participants translate the research and the policy into their interactions with distressed or worried people.

The small groups then reconvene to reflect on the SAGE & THYME model.

After a short break, the SAGE & THYME model is demonstrated in two rehearsals involving an acted conversation between a patient and a healthcare professional (demonstrated by two facilitators), using scenarios suggested by the participants.

A film lasting about 5 minutes is then shown to demonstrate another acted conversation between a member of staff and someone who is concerned/distressed using the SAGE & THYME model.

The workshop ends by a final group work exercise reflecting on what the participants have learnt.

There will be a small non refundable charge of £30 for the workshop that is payable in advance.

The next workshop will take place:
8th November, 09.30-12.30, registration at 09.15 for a prompt 09.30 start, The Cove Macmillan Support Centre
For more information please contact
01872 256363

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