Scan4Safety project releases time to direct patient care

Overstocking meant that three storerooms were in operation on Medical Ward 1 at West Cornwall Hospital.
With the help of a review by the Scan4Safety team all the overstocked items were rationalised and as a result the ward staff were delighted to release two rooms; one for a relative room and one for storing medical equipment.

The third room, the original storeroom, has been converted to create a large storage space, with all consumables now in one room.

New storage units have clear drawers and are clearly labelled and barcoded, meaning items are easy to find and stock levels can be managed effectively. The time saved searching for items means staff have more time for direct patient care, and there are also cost savings and space released for clinical purposes.

  • Requisitions costs have dropped by 20.8% since review, saving £11.3k
  • 19m2 of space has been released for clinical purposes
  • 35% reduction in inventory lines, reduced from 304 to 198
  • Direct care time has increased

“Scan4Safety has enabled us to create a relatives room and a storage area for medical equipment, reducing the clutter in the Ward. Time has been released to care as all stock is in one location and easy to identify. I am saving money from my budget monthly. “
Dawnne Jenkins – Ward Sister

Added on June 20, 2017, in News - Medicine / Patient Experience