Scanner for Wheal Prosper

Sometimes the purchase of a piece of equipment can seem pretty mundane but for Wheal Prosper the arrival of their very own Bladder Scanner felt like ‘Christmas and Birthday rolled into one!’
Before the addition of a scanner for the ward, the Wheal Prosper Team were required to borrow the equipment from other areas of the hospital.

“Now that we have our own scanner it reduces use of nurse time in locating a machine and means that patient experience is much improved. Patients can be catheterised more quickly, making them more comfortable and often our renal consultants are concerned about patients having a full bladder so this really aids their assessments,” explained Lisa Waine, Wheal Prosper Ward Sister.

“Our ward has been one of the areas to care for our Covid 19 patients and therefore has meant that due to infection control loaning of equipment between wards has been very restricted. We are just so grateful to RCHT Charity for this support,” adds Lisa

“The bladder scanner is one of the most exciting things that the team has received and makes such a difference. It is honestly like Christmas and Birthday rolled into one for the team on the ward!” Daniel Willoughby, Healthcare Assistant, exclaimed when asked about the impact of the equipment.

Wheal Prosper is a 12 bed isolation ward at Royal Cornwall Hospital. It frequently has patients with a variety of bowel problems meaning that bladder observations can be key to a patient’s care.

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Added on 7 September 2020, in Charity / News - RCHT Charity / Where Your Money Goes

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