Scanning for safety – barcode technology supports safer care

Last October the go-live of a new inventory management system in the Royal Cornwall Hospital’s cardiac catheter laboratories, marked the first step in the transformation of how the Trust manages inventory as part of the Scan4Safety Programme.
The second area to benefit from the Atticus inventory management system has now gone live in the hospital’s Interventional Radiology Labs. Using simple point and click scanning, the Atticus system holds data on what item has been used for which patient, allowing staff to quickly and safely track down any products in the event of a product being recalled for safety reasons.

The new Atticus system uses GS1 Barcodes and ‘hands free’ RFID tags to track what stock there is and what is being used, making sure everything is in date and the right item for patients can be found at all times. By automatically re-ordering what is used, clinical teams no longer waste time on ordering.

Team Lead, Zoe Martin said,

“The Interventional Radiology team is very excited to implement Scan4Safety’s Inventory management system. The work began by upgrading our store room facilities, which was completed without any impact on the clinical service. The Scan4Safety team were fantastic and supported us though every step of the project.

“By using Scan4Safety we are able to track and trace implants to patients, and when stock is used it will automatically be ordered, ensuring stock is replenished without delay. The nursing team previously spent up to 6 hours per week ordering, unpacking and receipting stock, but this time can now be invested into direct clinical care time which will benefit patients.”

The next phase of Scan4Safety’s rollout of the Atticus inventory management system will be St Michael’s Theatres. Eventually Scan4Safety will be implementing this system departments right across the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust.

Added on February 26, 2018, in News - Medicine / Trust Improvement